Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition

Let me get this out of the way now. I’m a huge Dynasty warriors fan, I’ve been playing them since Dynasty 2 and for whatever reason I have been magically drawn to their style.  Now that I have gotten that off my chest I can begin, Xtreme Legends Dynasty Warriors 8 is the newest addition in the Tecmo/Koei published, W-Force created game. It retails for $59.99 and came out for PS3, PS4 (Reviewed), and PS Vita. So with out further delay lets find out if the latest in the W-Force series holds up for me and is worth playing for normal people.



Dynasty Warriors has never been the industry leader when it comes to graphics, and while that still holds true today, it is good to see that they are improving. The cut scenes looked great and I could definitely tell the difference in the game from the original Dynasty 8 that I played on Xbox 360 the characters themselves were brighter and their armor all had more detail on it. The game was smooth and crisp, and it’s always enjoyable seeing the little details like the fire trails in Red Hare’s tail leaves as he runs.



The base gameplay in the series has largely been untouched since the 2nd installment in the series and they’ve only added better moves or newer abilities since then. Xtreme Legends is no different. If you’ve never played one of these games before I will say now that the three most used buttons in the series are the Square, Triangle, Circle or on Xbox X, Y, B. Those buttons will control your light attack, heavy attack, or Musou attack, switch back and forth between light and heavy attacks on groups of people until you have built up enough Musou to use that, rinse, and repeat until you have beaten the enemy into submission. The impressive thing is how well the new hardware can handle the massive amount of people on the screen and very rarely have any frame rate issues. If you have played a Dynasty Warriors before than you know that usually when there are a lot of people on the screen and  a general or two, the frame rate usually takes a pretty sharp dip, thankfully that only happened to me when there were a crazy amount of people on the screen and 4 or five generals at the same time. There were sometimes so many people on the screen that I couldn’t even see my own character anymore, I just had to keep swinging and hope I could cut my way through the endless amount of spear fodder until I could see them again. Even after all that however, the frame rate didn’t drop that terribly, which was great to see. Ambition mode came back and was just as fun/long as ever, this mode has you picking your character then staring in a poor village and fighting battle after battle until you can build up the village to a prosperous town and welcome the emperor to stay in your town. On a side note,  it really has impressed me how much game time they can cram into these titles lately, building up the village to max and finding all of the playable characters took some serious time, and when you finally do welcome the emperor to your town, congratulations, that’s the halfway point of the story. Xtreme legends also added 5 new characters to the mix and brought back the challenges mode.



Xtreme Legends Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete Edition lets you choose one of the 5 factions in the game and tasks you with the simple job of conquering China. Although the overall story of the series has stayed the same since way back in the ancient times of 2002, I do like the more historically accurate direction they have been going in (while still keeping it’s over the top style). Characters who now start off story, 99.999% of the time don’t make it to the end of the mode, and considering this was a time of constant war and back then 45 was pretty damn old, you can kind of understand. That and also because they have 75+ playable characters this time around and they have to fit them in somehow. Now I say 99.999% chance, because while I haven’t played it yet, there is a story mode added to this entry that focuses on everyone’s favorite unstoppable monster on a red horse Lu Bu, I assume his story is just him destroying history on a rage filled rampage to control everything ever. Anyways, the other story modes are focused on the three kingdoms of ancient China Wei, Wu, and Shu this loosely follows history and the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I say loosely because this is still a game where one man can take on an army of 3000+ with relative ease.  Also since the 7th installment in the series, they also have incorporated the actual winner in this ancient war time the Jin dynasty. Xtreme Legends also added the possibility of what if scenarios or by doing certain things in a map opening up a completely new battle. Now since I played the PS4 version I will side note with the additions for the Dual Shock 4, pretty much all they did was change the pad to the pause button and when you get into the game all the generals speak through the speaker in the controller instead of the T.V.



The music is the same style it has been since the second game, if you don’t like electric guitar then be warned. Now while I do like their music style, even I can only handle it for the first few times and then it all blurs together like one long guitar solo that may never leave your brain. Then again their are worse types of music to get stuck in your head I guess.



The voice acting in this game is something I think I hear the most controversy over. Some people love the English voice actors, some people hate them. I fall on the side that loves them, and I love them because they aren’t the greatest. Dynasty Warriors isn’t trying to be the Last of Us or Grand Theft Auto, and that’s fine, cause it’s Dynasty Warriors, and I personally thank W-Force for keeping mostly the same voice actors in the series for as far back as I can remember. Seriously. Terrance Stone has been my character Zhao Yun since Kessen 2…KESSEN 2!!! I’ll let that sink in.


Final Thoughts

Overall Xtreme Legends Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete edition is a welcomed addition to the family and a mindlessly find game to play. If you’re able to grab the PS4 version of the game, go for it, if you’ve already played through this game on the PS3 however I would have to say unless you’re a die hard fan, you may want to hold off until it gets a little cheaper than $59.99. I don’t think the new additions are worth paying full price twice. But hey, between Ambition mode, 5 different story modes, free mode and the challenge mode you certainly won’t be out of things to play.

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[PODCAST!] S2-E5! It May or May Not Be True

Hey everyone! Today we talk about all the rumors currently being flung around about a couple of movies and games!


Welcome back everyone! Sorry for the wait, but it was for good reason! We watched Wrestlemania 30 last Sunday! Also, Captain America 2: Winter Soldier!

Spoilers abound my friends! Listen at your own risk!

[PODCAST!] S2-E3! The New New Us!

After a very huge, long, throbbing delay(dick joke), we’re back.


Due to unforeseen circumstances that compromised our recording area, we had to hold off. I probably should have let you know, but then dear listeners, how would I ever keep up to our namesake?

Anyway, stay a while, and listen!

(it’s like extra long because of reasons.)

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes

It’s hard to do a review for a title that I can beat faster than it will take me to write this review. But we’re going to try anyways. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is the newest installment in Kojima Studios popular MGS series…kinda. You see for reasons that only Kojima will ever know he has decided to release the prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain early and this is how we get MGS Ground Zeroes. It released on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. For the purpose of this review we played the (PS4 version). So with out further adue, lets find out if Big Boss kept us waiting long enough or if he should have circled the compound a few more times.



It’s hard to keep saying the same thing but this game is very very pretty, at the starting of a new generation I would think that is to be expected. The Fox Engine really shines on the next gen systems, watching the rain fall down in the level, seeing the reflection of the water on the ground, even on Snake himself is truly a treat for the eyes to behold. Metal Gear has always held a high graphical standard and this latest edition certainly doesn’t disappoint.


The game play has always been crucial to the Metal Gear series and I think it shines this time around.  Snake has never felt more bad ass than in this title, his CQC is faster and deadlier, he’s got a fancy new move to jump out of the way of spotlights and enemy line of sight, even the shooting is smoother than ever before. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can run and gun through the whole game, but you’re not totally screwed if a group of soldiers spot you. As a welcomed change to the series, Ground Zeroes is an open world title, allowing you to infiltrate from which ever direction you choose so you can experiment with how you want to go in. You want to pick the lock at the gate and go in full stealth? Go right ahead. Or do you want to open the gate shoot the unsuspecting jeep driver and take the vehicle to the mission point? Why not. This is probably the best thing that the Metal Gear series cold hope for. Giving you all of these extra options will allow the player to creat their own unique experience, different from their friends. My only complaint is that when you are spotted by an enemy, time slows down and you have about 5 seconds to take down an enemy and nothing will come of this. Now I understand why they put this function in, so that new players won’t get frustrated while playing, it feels like it makes the game a little easy to me. They also changed the button layout to feel more like a shooter, probably to make the shooting mechanics easier for more players.


The music for the game is good, you still get that fast paced music if you get caught and are trying to evade, but because of the games shortness there isn’t a lot of music a song for the intro/outro and that’s about it. I will say that the sound effects for the game are amazing, from gunfire sounds from the different weapons, reload sounds, the only thing that was weird was when Snake interrogates an enemy the enemy mumbles something and then text appears with what they said. It pulled me out of the game every time I interrogated someone, it was just not something that I was used to given that past titles.  I’m hoping that was maybe due to that fact that this is like a glimpse of what Metal Gear 5: . Phantom Pain will be so maybe they didn’t want to waste the money on the paying the voice actors when they could put that into the actual game. But if that is the case it would be only a small gripe to a good game.



I can’t talk to much about the story cause their is just not much to it. You take on the role of Big Boss, he is sent on a solo mission to a U.S. military compound to extract Chico and Paz from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Yeah…that’s about it. When you extract them the game ends, and you can choose to play again with more side objectives to complete.


Final Judgement

Metal Gear Solid 5 : Ground Zeroes is a great appetizer to try and tide you over until Phantom Pain comes out, and while there isn’t a lot to do in the story, the open world aspect will let you choose how you want to going and which part of the story to complete first.  The game took me about an hour and ten minutes to complete and that was with me running around seeing what I can and can’t get away with in the game. So yeah it’s short, when you beat it though you unlock harder difficulties and side missions you can do in the game, so you can get a decent amount out of the game. If you don’t mind replaying you can probably squeeze 5 to 6 hours out of it. Normally I would complain about the story length but given that this was a prologue game to the full Metal Gear Solid 5 and the fact that the game came out for only $30 dollars you can’t complain about that. It’s defiantly worth a try, and honestly we’ve all paid $60 for games with less total game time.

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Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son is the third installment from Sony’s Sucker Punch studio. We’ve got a new city, new powers, and a brand new hero, so now it’s time to figure out if Delsin Rowe is truly the second coming of Cole Macgrath or will this be the first game in the franchise that goes down in infamy?

As a long time Infamous fan, I have been looking forward to this game for a while now. However as an Infamous fan I have gotten used to certain things, like hurling lightning around the city like a modern day Zeus. I am pleased to say though that even though we don’t get any lightning powers this time around, Delsin’s powers feel better than Cole’s in a lot of ways, well some of his powers anyway. For most of the game Deslin’s powers consist of Smoke, Neon, Video.  The funny thing is even though all of the powers have basically the same uses, they all somehow manage to maintain the feeling of difference.



Okay, this game is amazing looking. Plain and simple. I would say that this is probably the best looking game that the Playstation 4 has currently. The city is beautiful, in the day the colors are so vibrant you may find yourself just staring out at the city. Day or night this game shines, I spent a sad amount of time absorbing Neon signs for power when I didn’t need to just cause it looked pretty.  With the power of the PS4 their are a lot of tiny details that are in this game. Pieces of paper floating around town give off shadows in the daytime, and if you use your orbital drop skill with your smoke powers, it leaves burning ash floating around the area for a while.



The gameplay in Second Son is pretty much what you remember from previous Infamous titles. Gain super powers in a big open world city and make good or bad decisions that affect your story and even how your powers evolve. Their is however one minor to some detail that I wasn’t a fan of, the climbing isn’t as good as what it used to be, Delsin’s climbing options feel limited from Cole’s. Now I’m not saying that it’s hard to get to the rooftops, cause it’s not, almost every building has some kind of smoke vent or satellite dish for Delsin to shoot up, plus when you get your neon he can actually run straight up walls. So in actuality it’s faster and more efficient to get up buildings than ever before, sadly if you were a fan of the climbing from the previous titles (like I was) you’re kind of out of luck. The best analogy I can make is of Saint’s Row 4, if you have the ability to jump a thousand feet in the air, run at super speeds, and can glide, why bother to steal a car and drive anywhere? The aiming and shooting is just as good as it was before with each of his powers, using the PS4s triggers and switching to more of a typical L1 aim R2 fire feels more natural. I will say to anyone who thought that the controls for the touch pad were going to feel gimmicky, relax. The touch pad is used often in the game but nothing that feels out of place, pushing the pad to draw power or swiping down to yank a cable down works fine and it didn’t bother me one bit. On a quick side note I like the way PS4 games are implementing the use of the speaker, I liked Killzone’s the best so far, but now after playing Second Son I have a new favorite.



The sound in Second Son is top quality. The explosions sound great, traffic jams sound realistic, and I really enjoyed the sounds of the powers, neon and video were my particular favorites. The voice acting is very good, once again Troy Baker knocks it out of the park as Deslin Rowe, and the chemistry between him and Travis Willingham who plays his brother Reggie is amazing. The music was good and I especially liked the band Dead Sara’s take on Heart-Shaped Box.



The story in Second Son is actually really good, as Delsin you go to Seattle on a mission to save your people who were attacked by the head of the D.U.P.  who is also a concrete conduit. After she barrels her way through your town, your friends and people are left injured, suffering, or dying from her power. Delsin takes it upon himself to go to Seattle when he learns that his newly awoken conduit ability is to steal other conduits powers. So Delsin figures that if he can get a hold of Augustine and take her concrete powers he can use them to help his town.  I’d go into more detail but unfortunately the story in of it self felt short for an Infamous title so I don’t want to give all the surprises away. I don’t remember the exact time it took me to beat it, but in the 8-12 hours it took me I beat the game, cleared the districts, found all the blast shards, all the hidden cameras, and all the tag spots.


Final Judgement

All in all if you’re looking for a fun open world game for you PS4, and honestly if you’re like a lot of us you looking for A game for the PS4, Infamous: Second Son is defiantly something worth playing. With great graphics, and awesome story an solid game play, even if it is a little on the short side, you could certainly do a lot worse. I mean you get some sweet powers and a big city full of DUPs ready to test them out on, what more could a budding superhero ask for?

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[PODCAST!] S2-E2! V.D. Edition!

Welcome once again guys! We have a special podcast today: Valentine’s Day Edition!

Tonight we run a little long(again, but it’s special!) and we list off all of the best romances and bromances in comics, movies and games!

Ryse: Son of Rome

Since none of my other heroes have an Xbox One yet. The review burden falls to me… so lets do this Ryse: Son of Rome.  Ryse is one of the three main Xbox One exclusive launch titles, and while most consumers were probably looking forward to this title more than the other ones, I’m sad to say that Ryse just couldn’t rise to the occasion (Sorry, it had to be said.).



Ryse: Son of Rome is made by Crytek, the creators of the Crysis series, so I knew going into this that it was going to be a pretty ride, and I was right. The graphics are the standout feature of this game, it is gorgeous, the parts that would constantly catch my eye was scenes with the polished brass. The shine on that metal was amazing, you could even see reflections in the armor, Crytek always impresses when it comes to graphics.


The game follows a man name Marius Titus a roman soldier who is out to avenge his families death at the hands of barbarian bandits and while doing so, weed out corruption in land he loves so much. Ryse takes you all over Rome on Marius’s quest for vengeance, from the fabled city of itself and the Coliseum to Northern Britannia and their dark swamplands.  Now sadly the story of Ryse seemed like one of the weaker qualities of the game. Now I’m a big story guy, I won’t play a games multiplayer until I beat the story itself, and after beating the campaign of hard mode in about 5-6 hours I can honestly say that their wasn’t much that stands out about it. It wasn’t a bad story per se, just bland, even when the Gods and Goddess’s get introduced it felt underwhelming.



Now the gameplay for Ryse was something I was very interested in. Before I actually played the game, I hadn’t seen much gameplay for it, other than the E3 demo. It looked God of War-like and that was how i had heard it described as. After getting my hands on the game though, the best I could say to that analogy is yes and no. I see where people get the comparison though, it’s a action hack and slash with your typical X for regular attacks and Y for heavy attacks, you mix and mash the buttons until the enemy prompts for a quick time event to finish them off. This is where the comparison to me ends, Ryse attempted to change the typical QTE button prompt appearing over their head style with and glowing outline colored to the button you are supposed to press. It wasn’t my cup of tea, the line was so thin that their were times that I couldn’t see the line to know which button to press. Ordinarily this would seem like a bad thing, but as long as you hit one of the only two buttons that are used for the QTE then the event doesn’t end, you just get a little less points for killing that enemy that you use to level up. That part is unfortunate, because as long as you hit one of the two buttons, you won’t ever fail a QTE, it feels like the game holds your hand through the campaign. Also their seem to be too few QTE finishers in the game, so get used to seeing Marius cut off the same left arm of some or slit throats the exact same way or shield bash the same part of the face over and over. I will say the parts of the game where you encase your troops with their shields like a Phalanx was a lot of fun and I’m glad they let you do it more than once. The Kinect also added the ability for voice controlling your troops which was really good, this feature is actually faster than holding the button down the button and waiting for the prompt to fill before they respond to you.

The multiplayer for the game is unique, you and another player start off as lowly slaves that participate in the coliseum and you fight waves of enemies to appease the blood lust of the crowd. It’s not gonna pull you away from other multiplayer games like Battlefield or Call of Duty but it’s a fun experience that I would recommend trying.


Music/Sound FX:

The music in the game is good, typical epic music style you would hear from any roman movie you’ve seen before so it fits good for the game. The sound effects are also great sword sound different when hitting other swords or shields. Fire sounds realistic, water sounds good as you stomp your way through. Explosions were loud ships crashing into each other sounded horribly painful all of these things do a good job to immerse you into the world, and if it wasn’t for the mediocre gameplay it would have done it’s job better.


Overall Ryse: Son of Rome is a decent game that is just plagued with mediocre gameplay, a bland story, and okay multiplayer. Which is a shame cause I think there was potential for a really good game in there, and I do hope they continue with the series, cause if they can improve upon these things, then maybe Ryse has a chance at being Xbox’s answer to God of War…maybe.

[PODCAST!] S1-E1! The New Us

Welcome everyone to the new site! It’s up and running pretty smoothly so far! There’s a few things we still need to add to the site, but we’ll go over that at the end of the podcast! Meanwhile, this podcast deals with our backlog of games and how we feel about the new consoles now that they’ve been out for a bit. We’ll also talk about random things as well of course, but it’s all there to entertain you! WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU.

[PODCAST!] #20 – All 4 One

Welcome everyone to the BIG TWO OH! #20! In this one we talk about a few features we want to do with the show and our impressions and experiences with the PS4!